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Gleanings in Ancient Indian Numismatics
Author : Prashant Srivastava
ISBN : 978-81-7320-142-4
Edition : 2014
Language : English
Size & Pages : Size 23, cm, pp. 200,Illus.
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 900


The Book
The field of ancient Indian numismatics is fraught with a number of problems and debates, which make the study of the coins of ancient India, such a rewarding and interesting endeavour. These problems and debates include those of the origin and antiquity of coinage in India; introduction of the die-striking mode of fabrication of coins, and of legends on ancient Indian coins; problems of attribution; of the rarity of busts and of realistic portraiture on ancient Indian coins; and of identification of deities on coins. Then, there are some enigmatic types; the significance of monograms appearing on coins; certain coin denominations; and forgery of coins, which pose problems.
The author has presented, in a summarized manner, some of these vexing problems of ancient Indian numismatics, which appear to defy solution. Scholars have been endeavouring to find solutions to these problems. The author, himself, has devoted over a quarter of a century, pondering over such problems and debates. However, at best, the solutions proposed may be termed as probable, and not final and universally accepted ones.
The Author
Dr Prashant Srivastava, BA Honours, MA, PhD, DLitt, is Professor of Ancient Indian History and Archaeology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow. He has been awarded four gold medals (BA Honours—one; MA—two; D Litt—one).
He is the author of 12 books, including Joint Coin-types of Ancient India (Varanasi, 1990); Aspects of Ancient Indian Numismatics (Delhi, 1996); Coins of Ancient India (Lucknow, 1997, jointly with Professor K K Thaplyal); Art Motifs on Ancient Indian Coins (New Delhi, 2004); The Apracharajas (Delhi, 2007), and Encyclopaedia of Indian Coins (Ancient Coins of Northern India, up to c 650 AD), 2 vols (Delhi, 2012).
He has been nominated Editor of the Journal of the UP Historical Society, and is an assistant editor of Aitihya, a research journal brought out by the Department of Ancient History and Culture, MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
He has also contributed 58 research papers in reputed journals, and about two dozen popular articles on ancient Indian history in magazines and newspapers.
In 2006, he was awarded a major research project by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, for a period of three years, to prepare the Encyclopaedia of Indian Coins (Ancient Coins of Northern India, up to c 650 AD).
Preface                                                                                                                      ix
List of Illustrations                                                                                                   xi
1. Origin of coinage in India                                                                                     1
2. Antiquity of coinage in India                                                                                 9
3. Introduction of the die-striking mode of fabrication of coins in India         23
4. Introduction of legends on coins                                                                      31
5. Some problems of attribution                                                                           41
6. Rarity of royal figures and realistic portraiture on indigenous coins         91
7. Some problems of identification of deities on coins                                 105
8. Some enigmatic types                                                                                     117
9. Monograms on coins                                                                                      133
10. Coin denominations                                                                                     141
11. An illustrative problem of forgery                                                                147
Select Bibliography                                                                                               151
Index                                                                                                                        173
Plates                                                                                                                       181

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