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Archaeological Survey of India: Reports (1862-1884) 1000/- (per vol.) 24000/- per set,(23 Vols. + index)
ISBN : 978-81-7388-021-2
Edition : 1994
Language : English
Size & Pages : 1994; size: 23 cm; pp. 5000 (Illus.)
Publisher : Rahul Publishing House
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 24000


Sir Alexander Cunningham's contribution in Indian History and Indian Archaeology is great and in fact he may be regarded as the father of Indian History and Archaeology. He was appointed as Director General of Archaeology in 1862. This year and the appointment of Sir Alexander Cunningham are the beginning points of Systematic research in the field of Indian Archaeology. Under Cunningh the Archaeological research in India was founded and well-established during the period 1862-1884. Cunningham's extensive archaeological researches in all parts of India, facing many hazards and hindrances like old age, ill-health, the-then technical know-how employed for excavations and survey all were an Odyssey facing many odds. But Cunningham's personal hardships and he himself are long forgotten and have gone into pages of history. Now Cunningham is remembered for his Reports of Archaeological Survey of India. His monumental twenty-three Volumes of Reports and one Volume of Index published during the years 1862-1884 is not forgotten. In fact, they are the founding stones of Indian History and Archaeology. They are the base upon which many generations of Indian historical researches based their researches and future generations will continue to do so. Since the publication of these Reports' one century and many years have passed. This time-period is long enough to make a work rare and forgotten. So it is good to see 'Old' Cunningham's work in a fresh reprint. His reports are still useful and relevant for Indian History and historical researches. Bound in attractive and uniform bindings these Reports would be a pride possession.


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