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The Indian Antiquary (1872-1933) Rs. 2000/- per vol.,Rs.1,25,000/- per set (set in 62 vols. + index Rs. 1000/-)
Author : BURGESS JAS & OTHERS (Eds.)
ISBN : 978-93-81843-17-8
Edition : 1985
Language : English
Size & Pages : 1985; size: 29 cm; pp. 30000
Publisher : Swati Publications
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 1,25,000


Reprinted for the first time, this is scholarly and exhaustive sixty-two volume work on manners and customs, arts, mythology, feasts, festivalsand rites, antiquaries and history of India. Jas Burgess to launch the Indian Antiquary in 1872. The scope as enunciated by its founder editor was, in his own words, "as wide as possible" incorporating Manners and Customs, Arts, Mythology, Feasts, Festivals and Rites, Antiquities and History of India. In short Indian Antiquary, as envisaged by the visionary Burgess was journal entirely devoted to the study of MAN-The Indian-in all the spheres of activities of his day to day life, past and present. In fact it covered the broad spectrum of subjects what we today study in archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, epigraphy, numismatics, linguistics etc. Thus Indian Antiquary formed a cultural bridge as it were between the East and West. Yet the articles and notices, these several volumes of Indian Antiquary carry are ever fresh and are of utmost importance to any researcher in Indology, History, Epigraphy,and Archaeology as an invaluable work of reference. It is also a sad state that most of the Indian Libraries do not possess a complete set and even where they are available, the volumes have become fragile and brittle and cannot be used without causing irreparable damage. It was to alleviate the distressed indologists and to aid them that the present venture has been taken to reprint all the volumes of Indian Antiquary in a phased manner. This work is a treasure for the students and scholars, and those, interested in knowing India in general and Indology, History, Epigraphy and Archaeology in particular; and for all university, college, public and other libraries of India and abroad


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