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Archaeological Findings From The Homeland of Buddha
Author : P.S.Chaturvedi
ISBN : 978-81-7320-130-1
Edition : 2013
Language : English
Size & Pages : Size 29, cm, pp. 344, Maps. 2013
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 3500


Contents: Preface. 1. Rise and evolution of culture in Purvanchal from the earliest time up to the beginning of urbanisation: an overview/Radha Kant Varma. 2. The middle Ganga plain: one of the early centres of agriculture and domestication/J.N. Pal. 3. Geology of Darad Gandaki Desa: region of the river Gandaka/T.P. Verma. 4. Sohgaura : a site of historic and pre-historic significance in the Sarayupara region/Prem Sagar Chaturvedi. 5. Lahuradeva investigations and Sarayupara/Rakesh Tewari. 6. Agiabir: an important pre-historic settlement of eastern Uttar Pradesh/Ashok Kumar Singh. 7. The Neolithic culture in Allahabad district/V.D. Misra. 8. Technological innovations and cultural development in proto-historic early historic Vindhya-Ganga plain/Vibha Tripathi. 9. An assessment of protohistoric culture of the Central Gangetic plain/Rahman Ali. 10. Beliefs and rituals: earliest settled communities in eastern Uttar Pradesh/Neelima Pandey. 11. Buddhist architecture in eastern Uttar Pradesh/Amar Singh. 12. In Defence of Kausambi school of art/Anamika Roy. 13. Early coinage of eastern Uttar Pradesh/Prashant Srivastava. 14. Archaeological glory of Kushinagar/Nirmala Shukla. 15. Sravasti: A city of socio-cultural amalgmation in between Gangetic plains and Northern India/Anil Kumar. 16. A unique early historical tank at Sringaverpura/R.S. Srivastava and Suresh Bala Gogna. 17. Some unique sculptures of Kaushambi/Suniti Pandey. (15 items in Hindi articles)


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