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Cultural Contours of Vedic and Post Vedic Age
Author : Dr.Sushma
ISBN : 978-91-7320-158-5
Edition : First Edition
Language : English
Size & Pages : 26 CM, Page: 200,
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 1750


The Book

Present work entitled, Cultural Contours of Vedic and Post Vedic Age. The Vedic period was the cradle of not only the Indian civilization but perhaps that of the entire world. There is a raging debate going on for more than a century and a half for putting this civilization in a specific time frame without arriving at a definite conclusion that may not defy the evidence at hand. The ultimate solution may come from the age old Indian concept of sanatana, the one that does not have a beginning or an end. At least it is applicable to the Vedic culture whose continuity has never been challenged to this day. Beyond any doubt the Vedic culture can boast of the longest surviving culture as it is a living culture. What was practiced thousands of year ago is still followed by the people of this land.

The reflection of the society contained in the vast ocean of the Vedic literature comprising the Samhitas, Brahamanas, Aranyakas and the Upanishads called Sruti and followed by equally vast post-Vedic literature given the name Smriti, provide us glimpses of the unfathomable wisdom of the people who not only composed it but practiced it as a way of life. The culture that originated in the Saptasindhu land comprising the north-west of the Indian sub-continent gradually spreading throughout the length and breadth of Bharatavarsha and even beyond the geographical contours of this land. That is why India has served as the beacon of the spiritual light to the entire world since times immemorial.Dr. Sushma has given a lucid exposition of present delicate discussive Cultural Contours of Vedic and Post Vedic Age. The present work by scholars, culture & philosophy readers besides the general readers.




The   Author

Dr. Sushma (b.1970), working in the Deptt. of History at Devki Dev Jain Memorial College for women , Ludhiana. She is a young art historian with both practical and theoretical academic background. She completed her schooling from P.S.E.B., Mohali and completed her matriculation in 1988. She restarted her studies after a huge gap of thirteen year and did her bachelor’s degree in art (2005) and passed M.A (History), in 2007 from Punjab University, Chandigarh, which is followed by a doctorate degree in history under the guidance of Dr. N.K. Ojha and eminent professor, Department of ancient history, culture and archaeology from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 2013. She completed her B.Ed. from Jammu University. She has participated in servel conference and seminar at National level and has published reaserch papers based on her original work. She has organized many events including a particular seminar an ICSSR Chandigarh. Sponsored seminar and she has also organized guest lecturers by inviting renowned professors.

 Through her hard work. She has set up an example in the era of women empowerment. Her life being happily married, which is a product of her consort understanding intelligence. She has been one of the inspiring lady in her profession.


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