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History, Archaeology and Culture of Himachal Pradesh
Author : B.L.Kapoor
ISBN : 978-81-7320-137-0
Edition : 2014
Language : English
Size & Pages : Size 26, cm, pp. 228, Illus
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 1950


The Book
History is fast changing its economic and cultural contours which are positioned on progressives’ path. Its ancient and medieval period had equally great heights in cultural history, which is still hidden on the large national platform. Through this book vast panorama of Himachal Pradesh‘s History Culture and Archaeology have been given an exposure in small measures. The module of its presentation is to keep up the narration separately of its various political units which for time immemorial have been possessing independent identities. In several new publications a hotch-potch technique of amalgamating the history in various political periods is being on the pattern general Indian history and that have produced more confusion rather than cohesion. The book is largely based on the materials scattered in the various work contained in the bibliography as well as on personal experiences, gathered from the locals during various visitations to the gross roots. There can be no two opinions if we uphold that Himachal Pradesh has a unique attraction amongst foreign and Indian scholars and this book unfolds the treasures of this hilly and mountainous state of our country to them as well to the lay readers.
The Author 
Dr. B. L. Kapoor is a person of diverse interests in scholarly pursuits of presenting the history, culture and archaeology of his state. Basically, he is medical personnel with double post-graduations in the disciplines of Eye and Ear, Nose and Throat. So for he has authored several books both in English and Hindi ranging from travelogues to critical analysis of Gita and Manas Ramayana. His book on the Gods of High Hills polished in 2001 is a scientific documentation on the systems and style of unique religious practices about dancing goods of the hills.
His Books on History and Heritage have been acclaimed as master-piece especially by the peer and welcomed by readers. After his retirement from services as Chief Medical Officer, hi is a presently residing in his hometown –Mandi in Himachal Pradesh and is involved in the pursuits of scholarly activities.
Preface                                                                             ix
List of Plates                                                                        xi
1. Overview                                                                       1
2. Kangra                                                                          33
3. Mandi                                                                           71
4. Chamba                                                                        91
5. Kullu                                                                           111
6. Bilaspur                                                                      121
7. Sirmour                                                                      129
8. Kinnour                                                                      135
9. Lahul spiti                                                                 143
10. Shimla                                                                        155
11. Solan                                                                           177
12. Una                                                                             185
13. Hamirpur                                                                   189
Bibliography                                                                        193
Index                                                                                   197
Plates                                                                                  205                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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