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Cultural Aspects of the Life
Author : Dr. Kamal Shankar Srivastava
ISBN : 978-81-7320-153-0
Edition : 2015
Language : English
Size & Pages : 26 CM, Page: 200,
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 1750


The Book

The present work entitled, “cultural aspects of the life” is an attempt to trace an account of the life after death, which is still a matter of unknown reality. The great conqueror of Greece, Alexander also influenced to expand his message to the whole world, that everyone had to depart empty handed.

The adoption of the motifs described in present monograph is traced, with the dynamic reality of nature and divine aspects of the death, which is free from tyranny of senses and languages, apart from the concept of heaven, where there is no fear.

In this present work, an effort has been made by Dr. Srivastava to trace, to discuss and to sum up the various cultural and philosophical aspects of life and death.

The monograph includes the chapters of Introduction to ultimate reality, message of Ṛgveda, philosophy of katḥopaniṣad – retold, Śaṃkara’s Advaita, Unknown realities in Indian philosophy. Doctrine of karma, life after death, Soul after death and Summing up, apart from select bibliography.

Dr. Srivastava has given a lucid exposition of present delicate discussive cultural and philosophical theme of the life after death which is sure to stimulate further fascination on the present work by scholars, philosophy-readers and the general readers.

The work deals in simple, lucid, elegant and exhaustive manner.

The Author

Dr. Kamal S. Srivastava born in Varanasi (U.P.)., IndianEminent Scholar, Indologist, Museologist, Journalist, Art Historian and Academician turned Administrator, joined Bihar Administrative Service in 1984,obtained the Post-Graduate degrees (M.A.s) in 15 (fi fteen) different disciplines (i) Ancient Indian History, culture and Archaeology (ii) History (iii) Museology (iv) English Literature (v) Mass Communication (vi) Public Administration (vii) Sociology (viii) Hindi Literature (ix) Sanskrit Literature (x) Philosophy & religion (xi) Political Science & (xii) Social work, (xiii) Economics, (xiv)Defi ece Studies & (xv)Linguistic, apart from Master of Business Administration (MBA-HRM) and Master of Law (LL.M.). Awarded H.H.U. Gold – Medal in 1981. In 1985, Awarded Ph.D. degree in AIHC & Archaeology, Museology from BHU, Varanasi. Also awarded post-graduate diplomas in 1a (Eleven) different disciplines i.e. Business Administration, Tourism Administration, Human Right Law, Corporate law and Management, Environmental Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Intellectual property rights Law, labour Law, Sustainable Rural Development and Tribal Development Management. In 2003, awarded Doctor of Literature (D. Litt.) degree in History. In 2007, awarded LL.B. & Master of Law (LLM) Degree. In 2010. Author of more than 97 (Ninety Seven) published and under publication books concerning different fi elds of Indian History, Art, Religion and Culture, Iconography, Museology,Tourism,Journalism, Painting, Indology, Heritage and Law etc. Life-fellow of numismatics society of India, Museums Association of India, Bihar Puravid Parishad, Patna, Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, New Delhi, Indian Social Science Academy and Executive Member of Baudh Sanskrit Kendra, Patna, Presented several papers and articles more than 77 (Seventy Seven) in the fi elds of Art, Indology, Museology and Law. Attended two weeks training programme on SAARC Countries in Bangla Desh, Dhaka. Presently, He is posted as Additional Director Shri Krishna Institute of Public Administration (SKIPA) i.e., (Administrative Training Institute), Govt. of Jharkhand, Ranchi.


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