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Excavations In Gujarat
Author : Dr.Shivananda V Rao & Dr. R.N.Kumaran
ISBN : 978-91-7320-159-2
Edition : 2015
Language : English
Size & Pages : 26 cm, Page 296, Illus.
Publisher : Agam Kala Prakashan
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 2450


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Dr. Shivananda V. Rao (b.1954) has worked in Archaeological Survey of India in various

capacities and retired as Regional Director in 2014.  He had authored and edited many books and volumes and had written number of research articles and presented papers in various National and International seminars.


Dr. R.N.Kumaran (b.1975) is presently working in Archaeological Survey of India as Assistant Archaeologist. He had authored a book entitled ‘Ports and Pots in Gujarat’.  He had contributed number of research articles in various journals and presented papers in various National and International seminars.



This book


This book ‘Excavations in Gujarat’ gives a comprehensive history of excavated sites in

Gujarat along with the material culture unearthed during excavations.  These are otherwise

unpublished and a many lies in the doctoral thesis of scholars that are unavailable to others. Gujarat is the only state in India where the archaeological vestiges has revealed the evidences for the First, Second and Third Urbanizations. Besides, the study of the variety of small objects from excavation has helped in understanding the life of the common people which is of enduring interest.  All this had added to our knowledge and understanding of the development of the Personality of India.


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