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Harmsworth History of the World
( Set in15 Vols) Rs.44250/- per set Rs. 2950/- Per Vol 
Author : Associate Editors: A.D. INNES, M.A. ARTHUR MEE, J.A. HAMMERTON
ISBN : 978-93-81843-06-2
Edition : 2013
Language : English
Size & Pages : Size 29, Cm. PP.6700 ( With 8000Pictures B/W&Cols)
Publisher : Swati Publications
Format : Hardbound
Price : Rs. 44250


The Book
Harmsworth History of the World is a monumental work, originally published in 15 volumes in London in 1914, with a wide scope covering details of events faced by the prehistoric and historic peoples from all over the world. The publication is written by the foremost historians of the times and illustrated with 8,000 pictures.
The subjects covered include Man and the Universe, the Beginning of the Earth, Man’s  Mastery of the Earth, Primitive Man, Wonders of the Ancient Civilization, Birth and Growth of Nations, Environment and  Life of Nations,  Birth and  Growth of Jainism and  Buddhism,  Rise of Christianity, Middle East, Ancient Indian Civilizations, Medieval and Modern India, Sri Lanka, South-east Asia, Central Asia, ancient Civilizations of China, Far East Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Israel,  Assyria, Persia, Babylon, and Syria. Other subjects include Age of Islam, Mongols, the Turks, etc.
The character of Africa and the native races of the continent have been discussed. Details of the Early Peoples of South and Western Europe, influence of Greece on the World, the story of Ancient Rome and the fall of the Roman Empire have been given.
Byzantium Empire, Ottoman Empire, the Armenians, the Huns, the Bulgarians, the Roumanians, the Albanians, the Southern Slav Peoples, the Gipsies, etc., are covered. We also read about Hungary, Poland, Russia and Western Europe. Details of emerging of the Nations are given.
Italy  and  the Lombard’s, rise of the Frankish Dominion, Roland, Hero of France’s National Epic, Spain  and its conquerors, the rise of the Church in the West, the Land of the Northman Denmark and its  Sister States,  Norway’s rise  and fall  and Sweden and Finland, are the other topics  covered by the  eminent  historians. Revival of the Holy Roman Empire, the Franconian Emperors, and the triumphs of Barbarossa, the Emperors of Germany, Fortunes of the House of Austria and German expansion of the East are the other topics covered by international specialists.
Details have been given of the Dark Ages of the Church, Zenith of the Papal Power, and Approach of the Reformation.  Chapters are devoted to France, the British Isles, Italy and Spanish Peninsula. Accounts are given of the Western Europe in the Middle Ages, the British Isles and Trade of the Middle Ages, the Social Fabric of the Medieval World, the Renaissance, French Revolution, the French Revolution and Napoleonic Era, The Making of Europe, Europe in Revolution and the Consolidation of the Powers.
Chapters have been allotted to the Atlantic Ocean, America before Columbus, Ancient Civilizations of Central America, Native Civilizations of South America, Discovery of America and the Spanish Conquests, Spain’s Empire in America and Independence of South and Central America. Accounts of Colonisation of North America, British North America, the United Sates Social Conditions and the Social Future in the United States and the World around the Poles have been given. Modern World and its problems, Social Fabric of the Modern World, Feudalism, Industrial Slavery and Emancipation of Labour have been discussed thoroughly.
There are specially interesting chapters devoted to the Triumph of the Mind of Man, the Survival of the Fittest, Nature and Man, and the Future of Human Race. Even the End of the World, Life beyond death, Immortality of Soul, how the World will end, and Man’s Destiny after Death have been discussed.
A comprehensive index has been given in the last volume; this important work will be very useful to Reference Libraries all over the world.
Work deals with Prehistory and history of the world, The Beginning of the Earth, Man’s Mastery of the Earth, World of the Ancient Civilizations, Birth and Growth of Nations, World Religions, The End of the World and immortality of Soul.
Details of Volumes No: 1 to 15
Volume 1:-  Man and Universe
Volume  2:-  The Far East: Japan, Siberia, Ancient China
Volume 3:-  The Far East: Modern China, Korea, Malaysia, Oceania, Australia, Pacific                            Ocean
Volume 4:-  The Middle East: India, Ceylon, Further India, Indian Ocean, Central Asia
Volume 5:-  The Near East: Western Asia, Babylonia, Assyria, The early Nations, Persia
Volume 6:-   Africa: Egypt, Later Egypt, North Africa, South Arica
Volume 7:-   Europe to the fall of the Roman Empire
Volume 8:    The Christian Church and Eastern Europe to the French Revolution
Volume 9:-   Western Europe in The middle Ages: General Survey, The Peoples                                       Emerging   And Development of the Nations, the Papacy 
Volume 10:- Western Europe in The middle Ages: France, the British Isles, Italy,                                       Spanish, Peninsula, the Crusades Trade, Society, the Renaissance 
Volume 11:- Western Europe to the French Revaluation
Volume 12:- Napoleonic Era and the Making of Europe
Volume 13:- Europe since 1971 the British Empire
Volume 14:- The Atlantic Ocean: America before Columbus, Spanish America
Volume 15:- North America: The Polar Regions, Triumph of the Mind of Man,
                        General Index

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